Catheterisation training courses are aimed at professionals such as nurses, doctors and carers working in a healthcare setting. These courses will provide workers with the knowledge and understanding to perform the catherisation procedure on male or female patients.


What is covered in this online course?

  • Confidently insert & withdraw a urinary catheter
  • Describe the anatomy & physiology of the urinary tract
  • Describe the reasons for using an indwelling catheter
  • Discuss the complications of catheterisation
  • Examine the pros and cons of intermittent catheterisation
  • Be familiar with current catheter & drainage products
  • Know how to troubleshoot catheter problems
  • Know when to call for medical assistance
  • Understand the emotional consequences of catheterisation
  • State what records need required for catheter management



A Certificate of completion will be issued on completion of this course. 


Who is this training course for?



Other Healthcare Professionals

Senior Carers

Senior Support Workers


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