This online consent course covers the main points relating to consent in health and social care settings. It has additional online learning resources that provide more details for learners to refer to during the course and in practice.


Course aims and objectives

  • To inform learners on the key factors to consider when obtaining consent
  • To provide a clear understanding on the legislation regarding consent in health and social care environments
  • Be able to know and apply the main forms of consent in routine practice
  • Understand the principles of Mental Capacity Act 2005
  • An awareness of mental capacity assessment and deprivation of liberty safeguards
  • To provide essential consent training resources in an engaging and meaningful way


What is covered in this online course?

  • An introduction to the key principles for consenting to treatments or procedures
  • What the law says about consent
  • Definition of informed consent
  • How to respond to patient requests and questions
  • Other factors to consider when obtaining consent
  • Definition of voluntary consent
  • Understanding the key principles of adult competence
  • Refusal of treatment
  • How capacity is assessed
  • What to do if a patient or service user lacks capacity
  • What support is available for people who lack capacity to consent
  • How to support people who lack capacity in practice
  • The Mental Capacity Act 2005
  • Key provisions to protect vulnerable adults when obtaining consent
  • Court referrals for adults who lack capacity
  • Definition of advance decisions
  • Issues around children and consent
  • Understanding parental responsibilities
  • Complex situations in relation to consent
  • Definition of delegated consent
  • The main forms of consent
  • Consent forms that are used in healthcare environments
  • Key points to remember about consent process
  • Where to find further information on consent (online learning resources)



A certificate of completion will be issued on successful completion of this course. 


Who is this course for?

  • NHS staff
  • Private hospital staff
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Agency workers
  • Agency nurses
  • Locum doctors and allied health workers
  • Healthcare Assistants
  • Healthcare clinical staff
  • Health and social care support workers


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