Dementia training course was developed to meet the required learning outcomes in the Skills for Health’s UK Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF), Skills for Care's Care Certificate and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) recommendations for health and social care providers.


Course aims and objectives

This dementia training course is aimed at individuals as well as health and social care staff to improve awareness of the importance of interacting with people who have dementia in a sensitive and understanding manner. This elearning course explains what dementia is, including the changes and symptoms and best practice for those who have caring roles.


On completion of this dementia training online, you will be able to:

  • Define the term ‘dementia’
  • Have an awareness of the prevalence of dementia in the UK population.
  • Identify signs of dementia and also explain how these signs may be associated with other conditions or circumstances.
  • Explain why early diagnosis of dementia is important.
  • Support people who have dementia so that they can live fulfilling lives with their diagnosis
  • understand that each individual is unique and that dementia will not affect people in exactly the same way
  • Have an understanding of the impact of dementia on individuals living with dementia, their families, friends and society as a whole 
  • Describe the changes that people with dementia and their families experience
  • Explain the many factors which influence the experience of living with dementia
  • Describe person-centred approaches to caring
  • Understand the importance of effective communication and showing compassion to people who have dementia 
  • Understand that signs of frustration and distress by a person who has dementia may be a means to communicate unmet needs 
  • Be able to signpost  individuals, families and carers to dementia advice, support and information
  • To provide a FREE blended learning environment that is available to all individuals and businesses


What is covered in this online dementia training course?

  • Introduction 
  • What is dementia? 
  • What causes dementia 
  • Types of dementia 
  • Person-centred dementia care
  • Dementia and existing health conditions
  • Dementia effects on family and friends 
  • Changes brought about by dementia 
  • Positive aspects 
  • Where to get support 
  • Summary 



A certificate of completion will be issued on successful completion of this course. 


Who is this training course for?

This course should be completed by all healthcare and social care staff. This includes unpaid and voluntary staff working in NHS and private hospitals, allied health professionals, agency nurses and healthcare assistants. This online dementia awareness training course is also relevant for health and social care support workers, nursing and residential home staff.

Dementia Awareness

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