Privacy and Dignity in Health & Social care course was developed to meet the required learning outcomes in the Skills for Care’s ‘Care Certificate’ and Care Quality Commission (CQC) recommendations for health and social care providers. This e learning dignity and respect course also meets the current UK legislation with respect to equality and diversity, and safeguarding of vulnerable adults in health and social care settings.


Course aims and objectives

  • To provide the learner with a clear understanding of the legislation regarding equality, dignity, privacy and respect
  • Provide the learner with a full understanding of the current dignity, privacy and respect guidance for health and social care workers
  • To provide essential dignity, privacy and respect online resources in an engaging and meaningful way


What is covered in this online course?

  • Introduction to equality, dignity, privacy and respect
  • Definition of dignity, privacy and respect
  • Understanding privacy and dignity
  • Privacy and dignity in care and support
  • Helping people to make choices
  • Understanding the dignity factors
  • Principles of privacy of information
  • Legislation relating to dignity and respect
  • Organisational policies and procedures
  • Risk assessment
  • Supporting active participation
  • Encouraging self-care
  • Whistleblowing and dignity
  • Complaints and dignity
  • Abuse and dignity
  • Dignity for health and social care workers
  • Specialist care and specific care needs
  • Person centred care



A Certificate of completion will be issued on completion of this course.


Who is this training course for?

This course should be completed by all healthcare and social care staff. This includes unpaid and voluntary staff working in NHS and private hospitals, allied health professionals, agency nurses and healthcare assistants. This online dignity and respect course is also relevant for health and social care support workers, nursing and residential home staff.

Privacy & Dignity in Health and Social Care

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