Terms & Conditions

1. General Provisions and Scope of Performance

All online e-training services will be offered as web-based training. We conducts in-house training with fully qualified trainers in various healthcare organisations. We reserve the right to make a change in content, further develop or update the content of the courses without prior announcement. The scope of performance for e-learning shall include the provision of the ordered online training via online user portal of healthier business for use by the client or its candidates.


2. Contract

The contract comes into immediate effect upon any corporate or individual clients logging into the healthier business online portal. The terms of payment and refund policy come into immediate effect upon corporate client’s completing face to face booking for their in-house training. For individual candidates, the terms of payment and refund policy come into effect upon purchase of our online training service.

3. Terms of Payment

Corporate clients who uses our qualified trainers for in-house training and wish to pay on behalf of their candidates shall agree to a weekly invoice, including any e-learning training selected which must be paid within 30 days. Individual clients must pay for all training upon selecting and booking e-learning modules. Our training staff will always remain in touch with the relevant corporate client’s accounts team to keep them updated on the ledger.

4. Data Protection

We will protect all data provided by corporate and individual clients as per the Data Protection Act (1998). The client expressly agrees to the collection and processing of data provided to Lineup for its internal use. The client warrants they are authorised to provide the data for this purpose. Lineup Recruitment Services will not disclose information to other third parties except Healthier Business for the sole purpose of their e-learning portal.

5. Restrictions of Use and Copyrights

All issued training materials and the provided software are protected under copyright law and may not be changed or electronically processed for any reason other than for necessary back-up purposes, or disclosed to individuals other than the client or the candidate, or used for any purpose other than those agreed under the terms of contract

6. Refund Policy

As a UK based provider whereby the buyer does not meet the vendor, we comply with the EU Distance Selling directive (2000) and UK Consumer Protection Regulations (2000). You are entitled to a 7 day cooling off period during which you have the right to cancel your purchase and receive a refund. We will endeavor to refund your payment within 30days of receipt of cancellation. No refund will be provided if the candidate has used their unique log on and password to view or complete any of the training courses purchased.

In-House Training – There is no refund for candidates who do not attend booked face to face training or would like to cancel after the seven day cooling off period stated above. The Corporate will pay the charge of supplying a freelance trainer and will receive a refund if cancellation occurs 7 days after booking. There is no refund for Last minute booking.

Online Training – There is no refund for online training after the seven day cooling off period stated above.